On the Simplification of Logo Design


The other day I ran into an old coworker who had read my new hire blog post. She mentioned my answer to the newest industry trends that inspire me, which was that brands are shifting their branding from busy and complicated to simple and sleek. She then exclaimed that I was a psychic because the very next day, Google changed their logo. Am I a psychic? I would like to think so! But in reality, Google just joined the team of other companies that are rebranding themselves in 2015.

As a designer, I love to see when a company rebrands itself because I use it as inspiration in my own work. We want to stay on top of the industry trends and that is why we have seen such a shift in design in the past year. More and more companies are realizing that they are behind the times and with new technology coming out every year, companies need to simplify their designs to accommodate all different types of platforms.

I read an article recently that compared a company’s old logo with their newly redesigned logo and asked the readers which one they liked better. The reviews were mixed, which to me was surprising. Why wouldn’t someone get excited over a design revamp? I know I love that feeling. The argument was that consumers feel comfort in their brands and like life, when one element changes in your daily routine, people freak. A study at Pennsylvania State University concluded that “the stronger our associations with a brand, the more negatively we react when its logo changes”. Consumers feel that brands should have an explanation for their logo switch and brands that leave this question unanswered cause a separation between the consumer and brand.

I can understand consumers not liking the direction of the brand’s redesign, but if the brand is a consumer’s “comfort brand”, I do not think they will discontinue engaging with them over a design change. Sometimes, people just like to complain!

Here are some examples of companies that have changed their logos: Do you agree with the switch?

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