7 Ways to Look Impeccable in the Inbox


1. Use segmented lists to improve the relevancy of your messages. An email containing an offer for people who came to a previous event will do better than a general message.
2. Cleanse your email lists to ensure you are not flagged for a high bounce rate and/or the number of dead addresses. Websites like BriteVerify are great ways to ensure you are getting the most out of your email lists.
3. Ensure your emails can be read in different email clients as well as on mobile devices. 57% of emails are opened on mobile phones or tablets.
4. There is comfort in consistency —try to send your emails at the same time very week or month. A weekly newsletter is a great way to keep the readers up to date with what's going on. 
5. Don’t bombard your subscribers with emails right before an event. A high influx of emails will cause open rates to drop and unsubscribes to rise.
6. Tell subscribers what is inside the email and don’t try to sell them. Simple, short and engaging subject lines will increase open rates. Avoid things like all caps punctuation, don’t give everything away in the subject line and definitely don’t plea (open me!).
7. Never purchase an email list.

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