How to improve your CSS


Most front end developers are familiar with some sort of CSS framework like Bootstrap or Boilerplate. Libraries like these have gotten so popular because they have created systems of reusable classes that make it faster and easier to write CSS. Having classes that can be used on all pages not only make the developers life easier, but ensures coherency throughout the website.
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Uncovering a User's Journey


A big challenge we grapple with in the industry involves determining the behavior and desires of our client’s customers. Who are they, what are they interested in accomplishing, where are they engaging from and how are they approaching their search are just a few of the questions that flood our curiosity. With so many variables to assess, we can sometimes find ourselves asking, “where does the process begin?”
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Key Takeaways from Digital Summit Los Angeles 2016


At the Digital Summit Los Angeles, leaders in the fields of Marketing, UX & Design, Search, Content, Mobile, and more gathered to teach, learn and look toward the future of the digital landscape. A few themes and trends emerged as relevant to the AYC Media team. From the general objective of always providing value for customers to the looming ubiquity of virtual reality, here are a few things we took away from the conference.
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A Front-End Developer's Favorite Tools


Every career discipline has their own set of tools that they consider indispensable assets for their work whether it’s a carpenter, teacher, surgeon, or any other field. A developer is no different. As a front-end developer, I rely on my own set of tools that help me work efficiently and effectively. These tools range from compilers, to plugins, to code editors, to task runners, and small useful software.
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