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The API Fishcare project was one of AYC Media's largest ever, including a full site redesign as well as two highly customized digital tools that would streamline internal operations and provide visitors to API Fischare with a reliable, convenient tool to aid in tank care and maintenance. 


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API Solutions

On the front of end of the site, consumers can sign up for an account in order to access product downloads, articles, how-to videos as well as the API Water Care App, which was also built by AYC Media. 

The API Water Care App allows fish enthusiasts to enter the specifications and conditions of their tank using dynamic, 1-10 sliders that asses a number of variables, including how green or brown the tank appears. The app then sysnthesizes this information and outputs important warnings and recommendations, including nitrate or ammonia dangers. API Fishcare products are then suggested to address the specific problems for each user. 


Since API Fishcare has numerous products and offerings, our design team decided to make proper use of white space, balancing colorful photos of fish, tank habitats and products with a clean and simple background. 

API Fishcare required four websites in total, including a master landing page, U.S. site, UK site and French site. Of course, to handle that amount of content, we outfitted them with a robust, custom-built CMS. All content is controlled in the admin, which includes multi-lingual support.