Custom Business Solutions (Software & Services)


Digital HR Solutions

Make your hiring process more efficient using AYC Media's custom HR System to organize online documents and provide employees with a hassle-free, paperless process that saves the time and cost associated with processing new hires.

HR Solutions HQ is a turnkey, employee HR system that eliminates the need for paper (or keeping track of those stacks of paper). Simply load standard forms such as I-9's, NDA's, employee manuals, background checks or any other custom documentation you would like your employees to complete.

When you're ready to add a new employee to the system, simply choose what forms they'll need to complete from a list; or choose from a preset list of forms based on a specific job description. HR Solutions HQ will automatically create a custom portal for each employee, allowing he or she to digitally complete and sign all required paperwork. Forms such as a W-4 that require a manager's counter-signature will be automatically emailed to a designated employee to streamline the entire process.


Security with this system is our first priority. Each user is given a security role that allows them access to only the types of documents you select based on Low, Medium or Confidential clearance.

Tools, such as the Notification Center, allow you to automatically send completed documents outside your organization to payroll companies, background check firms or anyone else that has been granted security clearance. These notifications can be set to send immediately or delayed by hours or even months based on your individual needs. Other features allow you to send all current employees a new document –whether it's 10 or 1,000. Instantly see who has–and who has not–completed new documents to ensure your organization is always up-to-date and compliant with HR.

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