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Digital Signature Technology

AYC Media specializes in offering digital document signing integration for clients looking to electronically exchange contracts and documents using the most trusted signature technology provider available. Both standalone and customized packages are available.

Have you ever found yourself waiting for signed contracts to arrive by fax or email? Ever received illegible or poorly scanned emails and faxes? Do you find yourself sending the same contracts or files over and over and know there must be a better way?

The solution may be simpler than you thought possible. With AYC Media's integrated or standalone digital document signing systems, all these challenges are solved instantly. Integrate your contracts directly into your website and generate custom links that can be emailed to customers, allowing them to sign them electronically.

These fully binding, electronic signatures speed up daily processes and ensure all required fields are completed the first time around. You can also receive instant notifications when your recipient has viewed and completed each document.

AYC Media has partnered with the industries leading Digital Document companies and is certified for full API integrations and custom applications. Additionally, by combining our customers' collective usage, we are able to negotiate better rates and save you money over going direct.

Not sure if you are ready to go digital? Contact us today for a free demo, consultation or more information.