Email Marketing

If you can track it, you can improve it.

Delivering customized content directly to your customers’ inbox can create a vital link between you and your audience.

AYC Media’s Blazeletter system allows you to conveniently develop, schedule and track compelling email marketing campaigns to increase sales and collect valuable insight for future marketing initiatives.

To engage customers, you need a deep knowledge of their needs, behaviors and preferences.

The solution? Personalization, informed targeting and segmentation. We'll compile the insights you have on your customers into a single profile. You can then leverage that data to make informed decisions about every aspect of your email marketing strategy.

By looking beyond an email address, open rate or click propensity, AYC Media gives you the tools to stay ahead of your competition and dig deeper for valuable patterns.

Because 90% of smartphone users access the same email account on mobile and desktop, AYC Media customizes email marketing for the mobile environment, giving your audience a seamless and hassle-free experience with your brand.

AYC Media integrates newsletter sign up forms into your company’s website. Using custom-branded templates, you can manage your customer database while adhering to email marketing best practices.