Social Media For Business

You need it–more than ever.

The ability to communicate with a captive audience is invaluable, and the constant feedback social media provides is worth more than any large-scale focus group or survey.

You may not have the time to constantly update your social media or the budget to hire an outside company to do it for you. Whatever your level of dedication to social media is, AYC Media can provide you with the tools you need to present an engaging and consistent social media presence.

When and how often should I be posting? Do I need an Instagram account? What’s a Twitter? These are all questions we’ve heard from clients. To meet their needs, we offer social media consulting by way of our Social Media Mapping survey.

The Social Media Mapping survey will clearly identify your goals for social media, which are referred to as conversions. Conversions can be almost anything depending on your unique business goals, including online reservations, an online purchase, event sign-ups or simply a visit to your homepage. 

Depending on your industry, we’ll pinpoint the best times for you to post and even develop a style guide with suggestions for effective posts. It can be difficult to consistently devise intriguing, eye-catching posts for social media. But the creative geniuses behind AYC Media's social media consulting service specialize in finding new ways to engage consumers, and they'll arm you with the creative tools to grow your social media audience on your own.

The Social Media Mapping document will also analyze five of your competitors and show you how they’re successfully (or unsuccessfully) utilizing social media. These specific examples will demonstrate how to adjust your scope and improve quality of posts, so you’ll know exactly what–and what not–to post on social media.

We understand that some clients may not want to dedicate time to social media. But, when you consider that Google now includes social media accounts in their search results, maintaining online visibility requires active participation in social media, whether you like it or not.