Sweepstakes Management

Your sales reps should focus on sales, not managing sweepstakes or tracking down winners.

Having managed over 1,500 campaigns for over 10 years, AYC Media is ready and able to execute cost effective online and text-to-win sweepstakes.  With our help, you can drive sales and collect targeted consumer data for future outbound marketing.

We are a design agency, so we can also create an engaging point of sale display or online landing page to foster excitement and spread the word about your sweeps.


Our custom, internally developed sweepstakes management system allows for streamlined submission and status overview for current, past and future campaigns. This transparent system alleviates much of the frustration and common errors caused by sending frequent emails for each potential minor change to your point of sale display or online landing page. 

The expert staff at AYC Media is also available to answer any questions by phone, even during non-business hours. This support sets AYC Media apart from other agencies and helps create a communal trust.