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Content Management Systems

A website is only as relevant as its latest update.

High-quality online content is at a surplus these days, and to keep your audience's diminishing attention span, you'll need a constant supply of new content. AYC Media’s custom-built content management system (CMS) is designed to keep your website's content fresh. With the ability to quickly update any part of your website, your content will never get stale–and your audience will stay engaged.

Our CMS is built for versatility. There’s no pre-packaged platform. You can have complete control over any part of your website. But what sets AYC Media’s CMS apart from open source systems like WordPress is its ability to incorporate highly customized functions that streamline operations and expand capabilities. 

In addition to managing user permissions and adding pages to your website, AYC Media’s CMS features dynamic API integration, including digital signature technology, web portals, online ticketing systems, database development and custom ecommerce solutions. Using these tools, AYC Media builds each CMS to suit individual client needs. Our clients never have to conform or adjust to a pre-existing system, and the possibilities for new functions and features are virtually endless. That’s what we mean by “bottom-up thinking.”

AYC Media designs every CMS with three primary goals in mind:

    1. Easy Updating

Being completely modular, AYC Media’s CMS allows you to add or remove sections from your company’s CMS with just a few clicks. If your company plans on unveiling a new product or service, we can equip your CMS with the ability to add an entirely new page to your website's navigation, empowering you to grow your website as your company evolves. The vast majority of our CMS controls draw from software you’re already familiar with. So don’t worry about having to learn complicated code or commands.

    2. Reduced Errors

The flexibility of AYC Media’s CMS also allows you to easily add and manage users. You have full control over who can access certain areas of the system. You can customize permissions for different administrators to stop rogue or error-prone employees in their tracks.

    3. High-Quality User Experience

Admin sections of your website will be optimized to appear flawlessly on the front-end of your website. We'll also include pertinent details in your CMS to ensure that your content is properly displaying for users. This includes listing the correct dimensions for images or the right amount of copy for certain areas.