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Mobile App Development

Real mobile solutions for real businesses.

We get it: mobile apps have become a bit too trendy for their own good. But the fact remains: the world is going mobile­–and so are your customers. Actually, many of them do the majority of their web surfing on a smartphone or tablet. So, adding functionality for users on the go is an excellent way to anticipate your customers’ needs.

That said, we’re not going to cram a mobile app into your budget when a responsive or mobile website would work just as well–and cost you less scratch.


Despite our fresh faces, the AYC Media staff brings together years of experience in mobile app design and development. But we don’t want to build gimmicky apps, so think more of GPS-enabled coupons instead of candy-centric mini-games. We want to provide real businesses with real mobile solutions, no matter if it’s Droid, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows.

Let us help you decide if a mobile app works for your brand. If we think it does, we’ll figure out which platforms work best…then we’ll build it.