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In first conceptualizing the layout of the new Alura website, AYC Media endeavored to fully understand the many different ways Alura helps its customers. To better organize its products, AYC Media’s design team broke Alura’s content into three different categories: Support, Services and Solutions. 

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Support, Services, Solutions

These three categories were carried through to the homepage design as well as the drop down navigation bar. Custom icons for the “Three S’s” were designed and placed beneath a featured image slider, which calls out Alura’s About page in addition to its solutions.

To assist in Alura’s workflow, AYC Media incorporated a remote support module, which allows customers to get remote support directly from the website. A system status page also allows customers to view in real time the status of Alura’s many solutions.

A blog page was incorporated, giving Alura the ability to update customers on new products or services, and a case study page also allows Alura to show off its latest work. To help recruit new employees, AYC Media also built a fully customizable Careers page, where Alura can add new job listings and users can upload their resumes for consideration.

A robust Content Management System (CMS) gives Alura the power to change copy, images and even the layout of pages–empowering the business to tweak its online strategy or simply update outdated content without the need for time-consuming edits to the website’s code.

Of course, this website is responsive, which means it will display appropriately across all browser sizes, whether that be a mobile, tablet or desktop display, ensureing Alura is ready for whatever the future has in store.