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The team at Proxus wanted a website that had a more modern, cleaner look. Because they have a lot of content, it was essential that their website was easy to navigate and the information was easily retainable. Their website highlights unique features that make them stand out from industry competitors, such as a section that explains “Who We Aren’t” rather than a “Who We Are” section that most companies use.


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Responsive Web Design

The color scheme of the website came from Proxus’ original logo, which included dark shades of green and purple. We decided to adjust these colors by making them lighter, giving the site the more modern elements they aimed for. The website now features a clean, but bold look with an attention-grabbing home page.

Proxus is build on the simple concept of people helping other people — and we made that stand out with the redesign. Because they are an HR company, their business mainly affects people. We wanted differentiate Proxus from their competition and show that their company is hands on with their clientele. The pictures on the website show that the focus of their company is on their relationships rather than the numbers.