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Reinhard Model & Talent Agency

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The main goal of Reinhard Agency's re-launch was to rid them of Flash, which, as we all know by now, is not mobile-friendly. The Reinhard Agency team wisely opted for a responsive website using the more modern HTML 5. This choice makes their website more searchable and visible across all media platforms. A responsive design also ensures that users receive a seamless web experience across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.


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Responsive Web Design

AYC Media's design team helped to update their overall look, achieving a more chic, modern style that parallels classic, New York style agencies.

Our development team then ensured that Reinhard’s new image worked for tablet and mobile users. Since mobile sites usually don’t contain all the elements that appear in a full-page view, our developers turned the intitial design idea into a mobile menu using jQuery.

Our design team revamped their color palette, taking their soft, cool blue theme to a more bold, black, white and red template. This high level of contrast–along with the dynamic sizing of typography–were integral to achieve the final look of the site. The final product was well received by the client. The design elements we created were then transferred to all other media platforms, allowing their new online presence to propel them forward in this competitive industry