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Stout NYC

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Brand Research and Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Restaurant

AYC Media’s approach to the Stout NYC project was comprised of not only establishing a new, fresh design, but also infusing the brand's character into its design. As we visited the establishment, we immediately responded to the laid back atmosphere, unique interior and the diversity among its customers. We instantly knew that Stout NYC's persona needed to be emulated online.   

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Something for Everyone

Drawing from a personal experience of meeting a friendly business man during our visit, we realized that we needed to somehow convey a story–the story of people coming, whether it be for the first time or as a returning patron, and the relationships created during these visits.

“Something for Everyone” eventually became the hook that would be used throughout each of Stout NYC’s three locations, creating a unified message that relays Stout’s atmosphere and philosophy to visitors.

Each establishment has a different accent color to present a seamless yet consistent design scheme. Backgound images and a large gallery page with high-res photos of each establishment help to differentiate each location while also retaining a solidified and recognizable brand presence. 

The responsive design utilizes a full screen display, allowing for large, powerful images, impactful messaging and clean presentation that appears flawlessly for any sized device. Stout NYC's responsive design will ensure its websites continue to load and display properly no matter what new devices are released in the future. 

AYC Media's designs for Stout NYC has laid a scalable foundation for Stout NYC to leverage and expand its online presence–paving the way to continued growth and success, both online and in the real world.