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Giovanni & Pileggi

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While the majority of Giovanni & Pileggi’s content from their previous website was carried over to their new design, AYC Media made extensive changes to the site layout. The navigation bar was simplified and set apart with a black border, giving way to a more modern and familiar user experience. Certain pages were also combined to rid the site of any duplicate content. 

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Unity Through Design

The biggest update to Giovanni & Pileggi’s site is that it’s now responsive, allowing mobile and tablet users to seamlessly navigate their many offerings without having to zoom or fumble with features that aren’t scaled for mobile screens. This upgrade will set Giovanni & Pileggi above its competitors when clients are searching for hairstyling services on-the-go.

To update their existing brand style, AYC Media’s design team chose to use elements that captured the interior of the salon itself (rust, black and white colors). This choice unified their physical space with their online presence, cultivating better brand recognition and messaging.

Notable pages include a blog–which allows Giovanni & Pileggi to keep their customers up to date on new products and services–and an online booking module that AYC Media embedded into their site. A newsletter sign-up page was also added, so Giovanni & Pileggi can deliver special deals and announcements right to their customers’ inboxes.