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In addition to being a static site (not responsive), Ariva's previous website, designed by AYC Media in 2013, was strictly business-to-business, which severely limited their online revenue. As Ariva expanded their customer base in the past two years, it was clear that they had outgrown their website and needed to redefine the essence of their brand. Ariva was ready to make the jump to a business-to-consumer ecommerce website, so AYC Media endeavored to completely overhaul their branding and outfit them with a fully responsive, ecommerce website. 

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Brand Identity & Website Redesign

Logo and Website Design 

AYC Media's design team began by re-imagining Ariva's logo, which needed to better convey their sleek yet elegant line of sterling silver jewelry. A sans serif font was ultimately chosen over the previous seriff font in order to achieve a more modern and approachable brand identity that, while less refined, still caters to Ariva's upscale clientele. 

In place of more traditional marketing photos (with models deliberately displaying bracelets or earrings), professional photos of models simply wearing Ariva’s jewelry were used for the website design. This small, yet important change now shows Ariva’s line as it complements women’s lifestyles–and not just their appearance.

Responsive Design 

Ariva's previous website was, unfortunately, not responsive, which gave mobile users a less than perfect experience with their website. 

The Ariva redesign project gave AYC Media the exciting opportunity to design a fully responsive ecommerce website. Typically, ecommerce websites have apps for mobile or tablet users, but AYC Media was able to design a seamless online shopping experience that works for every user–no matter the device. From product listings to the checkout experience, Ariva's website is fully scalable. 

CMS Functionality 

Ariva’s robust Content Management System (CMS) allows them full control over virtually every part of their website. With the ability to upload products, photos and associate tags and types, Ariva can aggregate and feature new collections as they come to fruition. Ariva’s improved online presence and upgraded CMS now gives them a nimble and easy-to-use marketing platform that will help them compete well into the future.