User Experience

"Intuitive" "user-friendly" "seamless":
these buzz words describe the same thing: A first-class user experience.

“User experience" (UX) has a wide range of definitions, but it’s essentially the roadmap of your site. It includes how users will access interior pages and different applications.

A website’s layout can affect user behavior, so we put a lot of care into your UX. We want to ensure it's eliciting those lovely words mentioned above. Our best resource to figure out your site's UX? That would be a combination of your competitors' websites and your own unique business goals.

Using information gathered from your competition as well as your own vision, AYC Media will design a wireframe. The wireframe will outline the structure of your site, including the navigation, homepage layout and the placement of applications. It also allows for a quicker and more streamlined design process.

Remember: A good UX is essential for a successful online presence. After all, you wouldn't want customers looking for misplaced merchandise at your brick and mortar store. A good UX shows that you want to give your customers a pleasant experience and are willing to go the extra mile to do so. This often results in increased engagement, loyalty and trust in your brand.