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The HGR Group’s previous website was hacked, so they needed a site that could go up immediately. While working on their new website, we created a temporary page that had basic information about the company and stated that their full site would be coming soon. Because their previous website was hacked, we had a clean slate to work with and not much to look at beforehand. Their branding and logo stayed the same from before, which is also where the color scheme came from.

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Responsive Web Design

HGR Group is an insurance company whose client list consists of high end, very popular, niche places in New York. Taking this into consideration, they wanted a website that was both flashy but classy at the same time. The site looks simplistic and modern, with blue and white as the main color scheme. Most of the imagery on the site is black and white, but turns to color when users roll over it. This feature keeps the site clean and on brand, while the color shows the vibrancy of their work.

In order to stand out from competitors, we made their website unlike other insurance websites. The site is easy to navigate and HGR Group’s offerings are clearly displayed. Most of the content is organized into boxes, and the site is reliant on eye-catching photography and imagery.