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Aquahab Physical Therapy provides both land and aquatic treatment programs at three locations across the Philadelphia area. Aquhab focuses on highly individualized plans and each program is tailored to a patient’s specific needs. The old website was non-responsive and used flash technology. With the opening of a new location and an expanding market, the client wanted the new site to expand significantly and provide more information on their range of services. 

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Aquahab Physical Therapy

Data capture was a primary goal of the new website. There are numerous forms on the site, including free screenings, new patient information and appointment requests, which will allow the team to collect data for future marketing efforts. This information will be the key to understanding audience demographics and reaching more final conversions. 

Another major amendment to the site was increased brand awareness. It was important to the client that land therapy was highlighted on the site, which was previously lesser known. Information on services was built out in more depth and the updated photography showcases Aquahab’s offerings. The revised content enhanced the site for SEO and will ultimately increase engagement.

Although Aquahab’s branding stayed the same, the site was updated to a clean white look with touches of color. The old site was filled with copy and looked cluttered. The call-to-actions are now clear on the new site with big contrast in a bright, orange-red. This subtly drives more people to sign up via the forms.

In the two-month period since the launch, there was an increase in website traffic, including users, pageviews, pages viewed per session and session duration, as compared to last year. Notably with session duration, there was a 44.78% increase from the previous two-month period.