Content Strategy

Put your best foot forward online.

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website–even Google has changed their indexing algorithms, placing more importance on conversational copy over keywords or phrases.

Nothing works better than stellar, original content. A website that consistently draws organic traffic will always beat out an unappealing site with even the biggest SEO budget.

AYC Media’s Content Strategy process begins by auditing your current website’s content and comparing that info with a few of your biggest competitors. We’ll then identify any sections you’re lacking and cultivate a specific style that resonates with your audience and corporate identity.

Drawing on these analytical findings allows us to use specific, quantitative data to inform any qualitative decisions. Should your site be responsive? How adaptive does your content need to be? Do you really want to use a PDF menu when simple text can display for mobile users and also allow Google to index the page?

Content strategy is an ongoing process. We’ll get you ready to listen to feedback, be it through Google Analytics or customer buying habits, so that you can continually improve your content schedule to increase your traffic and ROI each year.