Key Takeaways from Digital Summit Los Angeles 2016


At the Digital Summit Los Angeles, leaders in the fields of Marketing, UX & Design, Search, Content, Mobile, and more gathered to teach, learn and look toward the future of the digital landscape. A few themes and trends emerged as relevant to the AYC Media team. From the general objective of always providing value for customers to the looming ubiquity of virtual reality, here are a few things we took away from the conference. 


1. It’s about being helpful

One underlying theme of the conference was about being helpful. In order to stay relevant in consumers’ minds you need to create products and services that enhance their lives. It’s important to always be thinking about building relationships, not merely looking for the next sale.  The majority of marketing content should be of inherent interest to consumers or add value to their lives, without asking for anything in return. 

2. Content Marking is where it’s at

One great way to build those enduring relationships is to utilize content marketing techniques. Creating generally good content, by any standard, that is relevant to your business will build customer loyalty. And be innovative! We’d like to think beyond standard text and video. 

3. We’re in the mobile age 

We’re no longer in the era of mobile-optimization. We need to be mobile-first. It’s also important to not just think about development and design, but how to tailor the content to fit a user’s mobile experience.  The Google-coined phrase “micro-moments” stood out to us. It’s all about finding those opportunities to help mold our users’ choices and preferences. 

4. Integrating Journey Mapping 

Taking the time in the beginning stages of a project to think about how the content and design impacts a user’s impression of the brand will improve the overall user experience. Utilize techniques such as creating personas, mapping out a user’s thoughts and feelings when encountering your product and interviewing actual customers. 

5. On the horizon 

Virtual reality is gaining prevalence in many digital venues. As our field as a whole continues to innovate and push the envelope, it’s important to find ways to make trends work for your business. At AYC, we’d love to begin testing out ways to incorporate aspects of virtual reality into our gamification platforms and user experiences. 

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