The 3 biggest must-do’s for Client Support


When it comes to service, every client has different needs and requires different ways of thinking to produce the desired end product. Some need more hands on time while others don’t require as much attention. However, there are three definite must do’s for every client, regardless of what you’re doing for them.
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Standing Up to the Schedule


Recently we have started a new scheduling process at AYC, having traffic meetings daily and always reevaluating the schedule. There are many moving parts that are involved when determining the final schedule for the studio. It is important to break projects into milestones to help better tackle large projects. It is almost impossible to schedule a project from start to finish and never reevaluate the timeline of each phase–there are too many variables throughout the entire process.

We begin by breaking projects into smaller milestones to better determine delivery dates for each phase. Each task is broken into Pebbles, Small Rocks,...

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