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In the words of our UX Director Mike Leary, what makes an app “dockworthy?” The average person touches their phone 2,617 time every day, according to a study by research firm Dscout.  We conducted our own survey to find out which apps were the most used by our agency.

The graph of app usage displays the percentage breakdown of the top 10 apps. Instagram topped the list as the app AYC team members were most captivated by. Reasons for use included staying in touch with family and friends, inspiration, a source of income and simply “I be lurking.” However mainly people cited their addiction to the app without a particular concrete intention — it’s just fun.

A few of the more practical apps that received a lot of votes were Venmo, email, weather, bank and Waze. Venmo stood out as an app that generally makes life easier for its ability to quickly exchange money and allowing people to not worry about carrying cash. Waze was also a big one. Many people here at AYC drive a substantial distance to get to work and figuring out the best route at any given time of day rang as essential with much of group.

Some of the less ubiquitous apps that received multiple shout-outs were Untappd and AllTrails. The ability to keep tabs on favorite beers and find your way through hiking trails are both great for after work excursions. 

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