Where the AYC Team Finds Inspiration


The creative process is different for every person. You never know when inspiration will strike. Some people seek out experiences that spark new ideas and others find it in everyday activities like eating a meal. We asked the mix of designers, developers, managers and directors at AYC to share what inspires their creativity.


Lance Wolbransky, Director of Programming

Spending time in the woods.


Anthony Meyer, Back-End Developer 

Asking questions.


Jamie Hessert, Account Manager

People doing people things. Anyone doing anything that means something inspires me.


Michael Parker, Project Manager

The spirit of competition


Chris Undi, Creative Director

Photography and letterpress, which allows me to use my hands as well as design.


Eva Dorcus, Account Manager

I would say celebrating another person or a group of people.


Michelle Burke, Consumer Engagement Project Manager

I’m often creatively inspired by things found in nature, (sights, sounds, textures, lighting). And strong women!


Jacob Marcinek, Website Strategist

A proper breakfast!


Erik Sjoblom, Front-End Developer



Andrew Jackson, Senior Designer

I draw a lot of my creativity and inspiration from other types of art. I think that if you only look at things within the scope of your creative realm, you miss out on a lot of interesting things happening around you. A lot of my inspiration comes from past experiences working in the fine dining industry. I read and watch a lot of material about top notch chefs and restaurants around the world because to me, they are the most refined and fine tuned artists this world offers.


Jackie Knell, Social Media Manager

Browsing social media, listening to podcasts and talking to creative people inspires me. I love hearing about awesome women who have found a way to do the things they love. 


Ed Trocky, Winner Management Specialist

Cooking dinner


Mike Leary,  Interface Design Director



Colleen Wilson, Email Marketing Coordinator 

Whenever I feel stuck or stressed, I sit under my favorite willow tree in a park near my house - works every time!

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