Is Email Marketing Dead?


It’s Alive!

When I tell people I work as an email marketing specialist, I always get that question – but isn’t email marketing dead? The answer – of course not!

Email marketing isn’t going away any time soon. Although we have changed the way we look at both B2B and B2C emails, the channel itself is still a relevant and powerful tool for communication. We have seen email marketing change as advances in technology transform the way businesses communicate with each other and to their respective consumers.

Consider how most of our email accounts are now connected to smart phones, Apple watches, and even smart TVs keeping us all constantly connected. Americans aren’t just reading their email on a desktop anymore. According to the 2016 Litmus State of Email Report 33% of all email opens occur on an iPhone. Gmail, second to the iPhone for opens, only accounts for 15% of those opens.

As technology evolves, we need to evolve with it – no matter what industry we're in.



Millennials Aren’t So Different

The rumor that millennials aren’t using email is simply not true. Speaking as a millennial in the American workforce, I check my email constantly; whether I am sitting at my desk at work or on the go.

In a recent Adobe campaign, their team surveyed over 400 white-collar workers above the age of 18. Not only did this survey find that Americans are constantly checking their email while performing other tasks, but they found that more than half of millennials are checking email from the bathroom! We can never catch a break, huh?





You Talkin’ to Me?

The world of social media sparked the idea of highly personalized and relevant marketing content. With this new medium came the ability for consumers to communicate directly with companies through several different channels. Online B2C conversations now show the same patterns as an offline conversation – talking and listening.

This idea has brought a whole new wave of how businesses integrate themselves into the lives of consumers. In the modern world we are bombarded with tons of information, but the newest trend for marketers is allowing users to choose the content they want to see and respond directly to businesses. No one wants to see information from a company they have no interest in (if only TV were like this!).

Email marketing is now steering away from sending mass broadcast emails to segmented emails; showing relevant information. According to Campaign Monitor, marketers who use personalization in their subject lines see 26% more opens and as a result, email marketing is seeing a much higher ROI.


Less is More

I have found that when it comes to email marketing, less is more. Relentlessly sending mass email blasts that don’t relate to your entire contact list will just annoy your audience and make them want to opt-out of your content.

This idea of “less is more” also proves true when it comes to content. A study by Mailigen, found that relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. No one wants to scroll through a long email filled with tons of information while they are quickly checking their email standing in line at the grocery store; they want to see a message that relates to them.


Email Marketing is (still) not dead.


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