A Week in the Life of a PM


I decided to try an experiment in anticipation for this blog post. What brought on my social experiment? When out with a few friends the other night, one turned to me and asked “So what’s your daily routine like?” To be frank, it’s never the same, which is also one of the most thrilling parts of this position.

Website Launch
The time leading up to launch can be very time consuming and stressful, although very rewarding. A project that you have been working on side-by-side with the client and your internal team for weeks/months is finally out there for the world wide web to see. There’s a fine line between trying to ensure that your project is going to launch seamlessly as opposed to… well, just being annoying.

First, you have your QC process to test every little detail of the website. My motto: try to break it! The last thing you want to do is present a site with errors to a client.

Second, your client training. Run through how to use the website’s CMS and Front-End with your client so they are able to make updates on their own time. I like having these meetings in person as I can anticipate any questions the client may have. It's also the first time a client will see their CMS and how their changes/updates will directly impact the site.

Third, test the heck out of that website... again. And again, and again. You think your finished? .... You’re not.

Are Analytics in place? Is all Lorem Ipsum filler copy removed? Are all internal links working properly? Are there any kick-back errors?
With that said, what is your process like? What testing questions do you run through? Do you have a checklist? Is there one question/step that, without fail, you seem to miss every time?
 Have several sets of eyes look at your site, even if they have no familiarity. A fresh set can catch something you've overlooked.

Fourth, once you have completed your checklist–it's essential to have the client’s approval. Although you may be certain the site it's ready, it's up to your client to give you that go-ahead.

Once you’re “live,” monitor that site! Test it on every browser, every version and every device. Just because it looked okay on your demo site does not mean that live site will automatically go off without a hitch.
 Run through your Post-Launch checklist, too.

Are Analytics tracking? Did you register with Webmaster Tools? Are all images displaying?

Most importantly, follow up with your client throughout this entire process. Having open communication between the client and your team is crucial as they want to know that you are their greatest advocate.

Because this process is so detailed, organization is key. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions. At the end of the day, launching a site you've worked on for weeks or months is so rewarding. You've built great relationships with your clients, learned a lot about your team and, more importantly, about yourself and your process.

With that, I pose some questions: What's your launch week like? Do you think that you can even properly prepare? Do you plan in advance?

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