All in a Day's Work: Time Management Tips


Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in a day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when the projects are piling up, and the emails won’t stop. Below are some tips to help keep stress levels down and productivity up.

Start with your list. Map out your goals of the day. What needs to be accomplished by the end of the day? What items can be scheduled in tomorrow? Make sure you are realistic when deciding whether or not an item is urgent. Just because you write it down does not mean it will get done. Only set goals you know you can accomplish!

Change and Adapt
Once I create my list, color-code it and admire it, it’s time for a giant wrench to be thrown in my day. Unexpected items will always be lurking around the corner, but with your priority list, you will know where to fit them in. Now is the time to adapt and reorganize without losing momentum.

It is almost too easy to take a look at the smaller, 15 minute items you have on your plate and tackle those first. People naturally rank their to-do lists by what will take the least amount of time. By nature, you want to feel like you are tackling more items in a day. However, this leaves you pushing off larger projects that require uninterrupted focus. Start blocking off time for these items and do not allow yourself to stray from the task at hand. Close your tabs, shut down your email, and don’t check social media.

Take a Break
It’s important to remember that stress does not equal productivity. You cannot do everything at once, and multitasking most times causes more harm than good. If you find yourself straying from the task at hand, give yourself time to step away and recharge. Working smarter, not harder will prevent burnout.

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