5 Common Mistakes of Email Marketing (and How to Fix Them)


Email marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to reach your audience. With an ROI of 4300%, it’s also incredibly cost efficient. Although it may not be the hippest way to share content, it is the smartest.  Email marketing continually beats out social media and SEO as the best way to target, segment, and connect with your customers.

Below are the most common mistakes when it comes to email marketing as well as some tricks of the trade to help you avoid them:

1. Information Overload

Marketers often try to cram as many messages as possible into one email–but the truth is that no one wants to read a novel when you're only a promoting a sale. The average person spends 15-20 seconds reading an email.  That's only enough time to retain a few messages. Make sure you get your point across quickly and clearly.

2. Cryptic Subject Lines

The subject line should directly correlate to what content the reader will find within the email. We often come across subject lines that are too vague, too long, or too LOUD.  This is your chance to engage your reader. Give them a reason to further investigate your email.  And don't shout!

3. You've Got the Wrong Guy

If you're emailing your subscribers about a bridal expo, think about segmenting to your female subscribers.Your readers opted-in to receive your message, so give the audience what they asked for. Stay on topic and provide relevant, targeted information to ensure success and minimize your drop-out rate. 

4. Ignoring Small Screens

Have you tested your campaigns on mobile screens? 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices and that number is only going to rise. It’s time you hop on that responsive email bandwagon! Make sure text is easy to read and that your message can easily adapt to your mobile and tablet readers.

5. Spamming

Your audience has given you the permission to contact them, so treat your readers with care. Do not abuse this privilege. If you think your content/subject is spam-like behavior, it most likely is.  In the words of Uncle Joey, CUT. IT. OUT.

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