Four Ways to Stay Positive During the Work Day


In any work setting, in any part of the world, at any given time, there is an employee who is losing their minds over a strict boss, high client demands and limited deadline timelines. Have you ever experienced this type of work day? The answer is most likely yes. SO what do you do when your day is so crazy that you feel that you will never be able to function again as a normal human being? You do the only thing you can do. Laugh.

Working at an agency can be stressful at times, but it’s how you handle the stress that makes your work day go from “WILL THIS FEELING EVER GO AWAY, OH MY GOSH IT HURTS SO MUCH” to “Yeah, it ain’t that bad.” As the Senior Designer at AYC, I have days that come with unexpected craziness, but I like to take that craziness and turn it into a positive energy. I would like to consider myself the stress balancer. It’s not an official title, but when I see my coworkers having a stressful day, I want to make them realize that it’s all going to be okay! So I am going to give you D’s 4 ingredients to make your day a positive one.

1. Dance: Dance you say? But I’m at work, how is this even appropriate? Well at AYC we love to listen to music all day. It gets the creative juices flowing. Sometimes, when it’s my turn to take over the music, I like to bring us back to the best decade, the 90s and turn on the jams. When a song brings you back to a simpler time, you sit in your chair, and you dance. Flail those arms in the air, bob your head, shake your body. Do whatever dance you feel, because it will loosen you up and probably make you laugh at yourself because you look so ridiculous. Which brings us to my next ingredient...

2. Laugh: When you feel that all is lost, find a video, a photo, a memory that makes you just laugh. Laughing is the best form of medicine. Sometimes you’re so stressed that you will lose yourself in a hysterical fit. I have one about once a week and right after, I feel amazing. Your coworkers will catch your hysterical laughing energy and they will start laughing too. It’s a chain reaction, and a positive one.

3. Plan an event: We like to plan small employee events in the office as something to look forward to. We have had baking competitions, champagne and popsicle parties, and even wine and cheese tasting. 

4. Go for a walk: Sitting at a desk all day can do damage to the body and make you feel cranky and increase your stress. Go out, even if it’s for 5 minutes and get some vitamin D. It will instantly make you feel like a happier person.

So get up, have a laugh, eat a cookie and get your positive day going! 

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