Creative Spotlight: Images of India


I’ve been taking pictures since high school, when I started to run out of art classes to take. I wish I could share my first gelatin silver prints here, because they were hilarious and horrible. It took me a LONG time to learn how to load film onto a reel in a dark room without getting my fingerprints all over the negatives, and longer still to learn how to develop prints without getting fixer stains all over them.

But I totally fell in love with the tactile, magical quality of the darkroom, like many do. In this process, you can, quite literally, stick your hand into your artwork and move it around. You can rip it, stain it, burn and dodge it, you can even paint your own emulsion onto your own, handmade paper (if you have a lot of spare time). 

Yet my relationship with my dSLR has strengthened over the years, and when I was invited to a friend’s wedding in Jaipur, India I took it along. I’d still say I am more of an analog, landscape photographer, but most of the images I made on this trip to Jaipur in March are exactly the opposite of that. Yet I still couldn’t resist…

Can you guess which one came from 35mm film? Hint – look for the grain!


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