Lunch Hot Spots with Jacob: Dalessandro's


Last week, Chris asked the famous question: "What’s for lunch?"

It was not long before a unanimous vote for Dalessandro's Cheesesteaks in Historic Roxborough was cast. Mike was in charge of transportation, so everyone said a prayer to make sure he and the sandwiches returned safely. We called our order in and the food was ready twenty minutes later. Street parking was available about a half block away from this landmark diner.

We arrived at a packed restaurant (typical for a Friday during the lunch hour). The staff does a great job handling the lunch rush in the small shop. Many folks were enjoying their food at the outdoor tables or inside at the bar. Most people were picking up takeout orders. At the register the cashier offered a selection of peppers to garnish the steaks.

There is a good reason Dalessandro's has been in business for over 55 years–the steaks are delicious. I ordered a chicken cheesesteak hoagie with crushed hot peppers. The meat was chopped finely and the cheese was melted/mixed into it. The Amoroso's roll, lettuce, tomato and onion were fresh, and the crushed peppers added just the right amount of spice to the sandwich.

But don't just take my word for it! See below for a brief review from the rest of the team:

Terry - "Delasandro's steak sandwiches are simply an extraordinary pleasure for the tastebuds."
Brandon - "Cheesy, saucy goodness!"
Lance - "Not Bad."
Mike - "BEST CHEESESTEAKS IN PHILLY... That's right... I said it."

Consensus shows the steaks are worth the trip. We will be back soon!

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