New Hire: Welcome Diandra to the Team


Welcome, Diandra! Want to walk us through a typical day in the office for you?
I am a Senior Designer and responsible for making the graphical elements for our clients.

What were you doing before you joined the team?
Before joining AYC, I was working at an upcycling and recycling company based out of Trenton, NJ as their Global Graphic Designer. I worked on graphics for a lot of different brands from beauty care products to cigarettes to energy bars. So.. kind of a mix between an in-house for the company and an ad agency for our brand partners.

Have any interesting hobbies?
I love cooking and baking, it’s a great stress reliever and I love to see my friends enjoy what I created. I also try to stay active so I am always running or going to yoga classes in my spare time.

What’s your go-to music when you’re working?
Depends on the mood I am in. If I need a “shock” in my system, I will listen to dance music. I’ll also have some days where I just want to listen to 90's music for a little nostalgia. I have been feeling pretty relaxed with all the records Terry and Mike have been playing my first week though!

Tell us something unique about yourself, a fun fact that we don't know.
I was a huge cheerleader back in the day. Nobody really believes me when I say that, I don’t know why!

Want to share with us a project you have worked on in the past that you are most proud of?
I got a chance to design a collection unit for the Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Awards. It was awesome seeing it come to life and the fact that it was going to be in front of a huge audience was pretty cool.

Have you seen any industry trends recently that inspired you?
I love how design is being simplified. A lot of restaurants and businesses are rebranding and removing a lot of add-ons that make their brand design look too busy.

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