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Consumer facing businesses are able to use the influence of social media to their advantage by connecting with real people, turning interactions in possible customers. The benefits of using online platforms as customer service tools, to generate conversions and disseminate information about new products are clearly measurable. For business to business clients, identifying advantages of social media is less straightforward. It’s important to set valuable key performance indicators, find the right platforms and be a resource for the industry community.

Setting goals is the first step to crafting a relevant social media plan. Think about the type of content to best convey your client’s message and what type of actions you want the audience to take. Whether it be website conversions, visits to your blog or sign-ups to an event, having the right KPIs will help you stay on track. It’s less easy to turn these goals into monetary benefit so updating your strategy based on the data you receive is important.

Finding the appropriate platforms for your B2B client is key. While a wholesaler of party and event products may find value in the visual platform of Instagram, that wouldn’t be the right fit for an insurance company. Choose platforms based on the goals you’ve set and where to best reach your target audience. Invest in one or more, splitting your time and resources based on where you expect to see the most tangible positive outcomes.

Be a resource for people in your industry. In the B2B marketing world you aren’t working directly with consumers, but creating connections is still important. Tactics such as creating a blog or sharing relevant news content gives industry people a positive reason to interact with your brand.

Let employees be the face of your company. It is easy for a large corporate brand to be viewed as a faceless monolith. Humanize your brand by having employees share posts, interact with the brand and use digital brand content to network online. This type of strategy will allow you to further disseminate information and ensure that information is going to people who can be of value to your client. 

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