Social media trends that are here to stay


It’s not easy to stay current with the new apps, features and services continually sprouting up in the current social media landscape. Finding ways to utilize trending social innovations that fit with your brand’s current approach while engaging your audience is even more difficult. It is crucial that brands know when to invest time to produce original strategies that will be worthwhile. Here are a few social media trends from the past year that are here to stay and worth considering.

 1. Messaging Apps

It’s no secret that messaging apps, such as Snapchat and What’s App, are the next frontier for marketers trying to reach a younger audience. According to eMarketer, over 1.4 billion people worldwide used messaging apps in 2015. However, finding a way to advertise without disrupting the user’s experience on these platforms has proved tricky for brands. Many of these apps have moved beyond general messaging features, making it interesting for brands to navigate the scene.

 2. Live-streaming

All talk was on live-streaming last year with the release of Periscope and Meerkat, with Facebook and YouTube following suit and coming out with their own live-streaming services. New updates, such as YouTube’s 360-degree feature, show that this phenomenon will only get more specialized. From that immersive experience to the small scale of a simple Snapchat video, brands have a lot of choice in how to adopt this trend.

 3. Social commerce

Social media has always been the best tool for creating real-time buzz about a product. Now with new social commerce tools, such as the Pinterest buy button and Instagram’s sponsored ads with “Buy Now” buttons, social platforms are making it easier for brands to monetize the moment that users are thinking about them. 

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