Spam! Lovely Spam!


Spam, spam, spam, spam

If you’re not a spammer, don’t make yourself look like one.

Start with the subject; avoid things like - ALL CAPS, too many exclamation points!!!, spam trigger words (FREE, GIVING AWAY, CLICK HERE). 

Don’t spray and pray with your lists. Segmented email campaigns get 15% more clicks and 14% more opens.

Keep your lists fresh and clean. Updating your old and expired data and cleaning your lists of invalid or duplicate addresses will help you keep your bounce rate low. 

Don’t overload your recipients with emails. 66% of people will unsubscribe from a mailing list, 37% would respond negatively to future messages, and 27% would stop using the company's products or services.

Never purchase an email list. Besides the obvious reasons, purchased email lists are a terrible idea due to “honeypot” emails. These are email addresses planted that identify the sender as a spammer.

Be sure to have an easy to use and find unsubscribe link. Just because the recipient is unsubscribing does not mean they view the company negatively. Making it a hassle for them to unsubscribe can lead to a strong negative opinion.

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