Team Building and the Importance of a Healthy Workplace Environment


In any workplace environment, there should be feelings of support and trust. When you and your coworkers know that you have each other’s backs, doesn’t it feel good?  The fast paced nature of today’s working world can often leave workers feeling stressed and overwhelmed, which is what makes trusting and supportive relationships with your coworkers that much more important.

Here at AYC Media we are lucky enough to experience a tight-knit family feel in the office that really proves its worth in moments of stress.  It’s lucky that our team members happen to all be awesome people (or smart hiring!), but we also each make sure to take part in ensuring that we communicate with one another and have fun!

We make sure to set ourselves up for a good time, which CAN happen at work, really! By organizing company outings, pumpkin carving time, and Top Chef inspired cook-offs our team stays inspired to do our best work while working together to make it happen.

So how can you make sure your workplace environment is one that gives you warm fuzzy feelings instead of negative ones?  Let me tell you.

Get to Know Each Other

By having your team participate in fun group activities, you’ll effortlessly be creating a team that knows more about each other. It’s important for our coworkers and us to understand where we excel and where we might need a little help. By understanding strengths and weaknesses, we are able to discern who is a natural leader, who has an eye for details, who works quickly, etc. We all excel in different ways and it’s important to recognize that and utilize those strengths to the whole team’s benefit.

Create Together

Round everyone up and create something together! Yes, even the developers.  When we work creatively together as a team, there is a better sense of trust and openness. It’s vital for team members to trust each other enough to share ideas and question each other.  The best ideas happen when we put our minds together and encourage each other to produce our best work, and we can encourage this in each other by participating in enjoyable creative activities.

Share Responsibility

Something I’ve learned in my work experience is that you are only as good as the team that supports you.  When your team starts thinking in a “Shared Fate” mentality, then you have a real team.  This phrase expresses exactly what everyone working together should be thinking about, a common end goal. Whether a project is successful or not should be the responsibility of the entire team that worked on it, not just one person.  Once a project leaves the hands of one team member and is passed on to another, it is important to stay mindful of seeing your part of the project through until the very end.  Not only will this produce better quality work, but it also fosters a team that naturally helps each other out with quality control.


This is the most important thing we can do in any situation, seriously.  Talking to each other may seem obvious, but you can look at any sour situation and bet that a lack of communication played a large part. When we feel comfortable talking with one another, we have a stronger team that isn’t afraid to voice concerns or share praise for each other. The more we talk things through, the better!

Staying conscious of team building is often something that takes a back seat in our fast paced world of ever-evolving technology, but we can’t forget about our precious fellow humans in the middle of it all!  The success of any workplace is dependent on its employees, and that is something that can’t be overlooked. It takes a small amount of effort to really pull everyone together and take a moment to enjoy with each other. When employees are happy, trusted and feel supported, success and prosperity are sure to follow.

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