The Beginner's Guide to Social Media for Business


Without a designated social media manager, the task of managing your brand's social presence can be daunting. The benefits are clear: social promotion is low cost, can show high ROI, and gives you a direct line to your audience. Here are some tips on how to efficiently promote your brand on social media when time is limited.


1. Know Your Channels: Decide where you will be dedicating your efforts. This will depend on your brand and audience, so you will want to focus your efforts on the right channels. If you can only frequently update two channels, stick to those!

2. Invest in a Good Shot: Grainy, low-res photos can cheapen your brand. Invest in a high quality camera if possible.  Use photo-editing apps like VSCO Cam if you are posting from a phone, but don't overdo it. Most photos should only require a few tweaks to their brightness, contrast, and clarity.

3. Use a Designated Hashtag: Pick a hashtag unique to your business and stick to it. Encourage your followers to participate in the hashtag. This is a great way to facilitate user generated content, which may be worthy of reposting, thus saving you time.

4. Be Conversational:
If your audience reaches out on your social media channels, promptly respond. Even if you do not receive a question, make an effort to build a personal relationship with your audience by engaging with them. This personifies your brand and also makes you more likable by showing your human side.

5. Be Consistent: Consistency is key. This goes for where you post, how often you post, quality of photos, all of it! Your tone and voice should remain the same across all channels as well and gradually evolve over time. Wondering the best times to post on which channels? Check out this handy cheet sheet from First Site Guide that will help you plan out your posts in advance.

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