Website Design Tips for Restaurant Clients

At AYC Media, we have quite a few restaurant websites in our portfolio. While every client is different, there are a few key elements present on most sites. When working with restaurants like Porto and Bernie’s we try to let each location’s character shine though in the website design and layout.

On that note, every restaurant has a unique atmosphere and quality. One way our team echoes the distinct mood of an eatery is by pulling design inspiration from the décor, layout and feel of the physical location. Additionally, the food itself can inspire the look of the website. Rustic American comfort food will lend itself to a different vibe that modern Asian fusion.

Another important aspect of every restaurant website is showcasing the food because that is the primary reason most people visit the site. Make sure you have a solid stockpile of great food photos to pull from and display on the site. If your client does not have photos ready, suggesting a food photographer is worthwhile.

In addition to getting a feel for the space and style of cuisine, most restaurant website visitors are looking for information such as hours, phone number and link to menu. That type of basically information should be easily accessible. If not listed on the homepage, link to that material should be clearly displayed.

Finally, an events or parties section is a vital piece of many restaurant websites. In additional to casual diners, many establishments pull in a large chunk of revenue by hosting private events. Invest time in finding the best way to present options for parties, contact information and showcasing the space through photos or videos. 

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