Work – Eat – Netflix – Sleep – Repeat


For those of us that work full days in front of a computer, have you ever stopped to think how much of your day is spent staring at a screen? In most careers, we can’t escape the amount of time we spent on the computer or internet, but we can control our lives outside of work. Since I am a big movie-lover, I find myself escaping my two-screened desk and going home to melt my brain in front of the TV.

Starting on Monday, I decided to challenge myself to a week without screens outside of work, and with the support of my roommate/boyfriend Sean, we had a – let’s go with “interesting” – week.

This challenge became the first AYC Snapchat takeover where I documented the fun activities (and boredom) of our days without TV, internet, or Netflix (*gasp*). If you didn’t follow along on Snapchat (@aycmedia) – here’s what you missed!

Day 1: The Kickoff

For the first day, we decided to make my favorite recipe to food prep our lunches for the week and engage in highly competitive games of Guess Who. Because who doesn’t love that game? (Yes, those are lightsaber chopsticks!)

Day 2: Barber Shop Edition

My friend Amanda came over for a visit and I, being the forgetful friend that I am, failed to tell her we were having a week with no screens. We all stared at each other for an hour or two as they nixed all my game ideas, until Amanda asked Sean to trim her cat-shaped undercut, and this is where the night took a turn…

He ended up shaving her head way too short – nothing a gin & grapefruit won’t fix! 

Day 3: House Hunters Edition

By the third day, Sean was ready to get out of the apartment. While he was at the gym, I went for a run around the lake near our house since it was such a beautiful night. After we both got home, we weren’t ready to trap ourselves indoors yet and decided to go house hunting in our favorite local neighborhoods – an activity we do often! Though it was a little tricky to find houses for sale since we weren’t using the internet…

Day 4: Date Night Edition

By the fourth day in, Sean and I decided to have a date night so that we wouldn’t be tempted to be on our phones. As we sat at my one of my favorite Irish pubs went to post on Snapchat before I realized… we had been watching the Flyers game the whole time we were there (*internal screaming*)! I hadn’t watched a game in a while, and neither of us even realized how sucked in we were to the screens around us.

We finished our meals, and by the time we got home I felt so guilty about our failure, so I sat down to decompress with a little reading from my favorite author.

Turns out screens are a lot harder to avoid than I thought…

How long do you think you could last without any screens?

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