Your Next Best Idea: Tips for Brainstorming


Gather the team, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. Below are some handy tips and tricks for maximizing productivity and efficiency when harnessing creativity in a group setting.


Come Prepared

Prior to the session, ask participants to arrive at the meeting armed with ideas. Attendees should also have a list of potential problems that may arise during the creative process and be ready to solve them. And of course everyone should be encouraged to come with an open-mind and an enthusiastic attitude!


Lay it Out on the Table 

Research has shown that group settings may cause members to feel blocked or uneasy about sharing their ideas. Having the group come prepared with their thoughts ahead of time allows participants to work through the idea process in a setting where they feel comfortable. 


Once the brainstorming is in session, it’s important to have all group members equally share their findings or concepts. Now is the time to collaborate, expand-upon and combine the groups’ ideas. Take it a step further and try out the electronic brainstorming technique. A study on this technique found that Electronic Brainstorming produces the most focused ideas.


Wordstorms with Friends

Wordstorms, idea charts and doodles are a brainstormers friend. Think of your topic, draw it out and expand upon it until you’ve completely exhausted it. Having a visual will help guide the session and open the mind outside of linguistic thinking.


Set a Time Limit

Schedule an hour or less for the session to avoid creative burnout. Allotting a specific amount of time will decrease the tendency for tangents and put a healthy dose of pressure on the group. If the team is getting fatigued, refresh and regroup. 

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