Content Marketing: A Guide to Guiding Your User


The purpose of content marketing is to attract your audience without actually trying to sell them something.  Think of it as making friends with your user–and think of your user as an extremely closed-off individual who is avoiding your pitch like the plague.

Consumers are not always open to advertising or marketing efforts.  Since we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages on a daily basis, our response is to simply tune them out.  We mute radio ads, fast forward through commercials, and, yea, Youtube, we will skip that ad after 5 seconds.  Great content marketing is neither invasive nor interruptive.  It is one of the most organic ways you can communicate with your audience.

One of the most common tactics in naturally achieving effective brand-to-user communication is through social media.  Posts should have the intention of delighting your followers with interesting, relevant content that is not self-promoting.  Your audience is smarter than that, and they will appreciate your transparency. 

Email marketing is also an excellent content marketing tool.  Newsletters give your brand the opportunity to provide relevant and valuable information that your customer wants and needs, such as daily coupons, info on special events and exciting announcements. Email marketing is also a more personal exchange.  It’s easy to communicate in a unique and targeted tone when you are delivering your message directly to your users' inbox.

Content marketing is not focused on the sell but on the idea of building a relationship with your customer.  You want to create positive experiences around your brand that will keep your audience coming back for more.  Content marketing is about guiding your user back to you–all by building a genuine relationship based on an exhange of valuable information.  

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