Meeting Success

Meetings are a very ordinary and necessary happening in the business world today. They are a staple of the daily grind, the excitement of the kickoff, the introduction of new faces. So what makes these office gatherings successful?
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Standing Up to the Schedule

Recently we have started a new scheduling process at AYC, having traffic meetings daily and always reevaluating the schedule. There are many moving parts that are involved when determining the final schedule for the studio. It is important to break projects into milestones to help better tackle large projects. It is almost impossible to schedule a project from start to finish and never reevaluate the timeline of each phase–there are too many variables throughout the entire process.

We begin by breaking projects into smaller milestones to better determine delivery dates for each phase. Each task is broken into Pebbles, Small Rocks,...

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Cheating with Programming (?)

Many everyday conveniences require some sort of programming to work. Think you have a problem that could be solved by leveraging the power a computer? Programmer Keith Larson leaves it to the robots!
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Top Trends in Consumer Engagement

While Consumer Engagement has technically existed since the advent of business, it’s only recently become an established discipline unto itself. Like most new areas of business, the main reason for the increased emphasis on CE is largely due to–you guessed it–the internet. We’ve listed some of the top Consumer Engagement trends to take you into 2016.
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